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Interview with author Louis Louis

To edit the way your blog feed looks on your site, hover over your blog feed and click on Design. Here, you can pick from different layouts. If you add a blog feed section to a different page on your website, you can pick a design that’s different from your main blog page.

Edit what info and details your blog feed displays by clicking on Settings (look for the 3 dot icon).

From the Settings panel, Wix Blog lets you hide or display the author name and picture, date and reading time, views, comments and likes counter. Toggle between the options and view your changes in real time.

If your blog is connected to a Members Area, you’ll want to make sure the Login button is visible to users. To send automatic email notifications to blog subscribers every time there’s a new post, turn on the email notification option on your Settings panel. Start managing your blog posts by clicking on Manage Posts once you’re happy with your blog settings.

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